Legado is a secure and collaborative digital vault designed to enable customers to receive, organise, store and share personal documents and data.

Our technology helps corporates to:


Create meaningful engagement

Give your customers an intelligent digital vault, something they understand and can connect with.

Improve brand loyalty and retention

Modernise the way in which you manage customers personal data.

Deliver the experience

The vault can be embedded into your organisation’s platform to form a seamless part of your digital experience.

Access structured data

Utilise our structured database to improve internal processes.

ESG Benefits: Go Paperless and create sustainability

Our customer-owned digital document management platform allows you to create new digital journeys, reducing your reliance on the mailroom.

Centralise personal customer data

Bring together fragmented, outdated and silo’d data stores in a state-of-the-art GDPR compliant data vault.

Quote from FNZ, Group CEO:

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their data and who can access it. The secure digital vault Legado offers will provide much- needed reassurance and increased efficiency in a market that is still far too dependent on physical documents and scanned attachments.” Adrian Durham, FNZ Group CEO

Beneftis to your customers

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Simplified life admin

Helping customers to organise their documents and information

Increased life readiness

Prepared for every life stage and event

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