Welcome to the intelligent Digital Vault

Give your customers the power to receive, organise, store and share personal documents and information.

How Legado can be implemented:

How it works for users:

Users access Legado via our embedded product (within your existing digital experience) or via our existing web-application (we support single-sign on)

They instantly get access to documents, information or workflows you want to share.

Users have access to their own personal digital vault, with encrypted storage to upload and organise external documents and secure collaboration features, making sharing with you (or third parties) easy.

Users can connect with third party providers (like their bank, utilities provider or local council), ensuring their document vault is automatically kept up to date with their latest documents. They can even set reminders and notifications to ensure they don’t miss a thing.

Regardless of where your customers access Legado, they will receive a seamless experience, with access to all their important documents and information.

With consent-driven data access, you can begin to accelerate processes and workflows.

Bring digital engagement to life.

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