Do I still need a Financial Adviser / Solicitor if I use Legado?

Yes. Legado compliments and augments services provided by your Advisers. Legado is not an Advisory service; we are an online service company committed to providing a secure and simple way to ensure you have all your most important life documents in one place; accessible to only those who you want them to be available too. Enabling better collaboration with your Advisers and peace of mind in life events, such as fire, theft and death, for your loved ones. In summary, picture Legado as a reliable guide and trusted assistant for securely storing and sharing your most important life documents with trusted Advisers and loved ones. Take note, however, we are in no way able to provide advice in place of your professional Advisers.

Does Legado replace my legal will?

Legado compliments your existing legal Will by providing an additional copy to your loved ones and trusted Advisers. The UK government has launched a consultation into modernising the law, examining the possibility of electronic Wills with electronic signatures.

What are “Digital Assets” and “Digital World”?

This is an asset class that is often omitted or overlooked in the traditional estate planning process. Your Digital World (and Digital Assets) include all of your online accounts, such as social media, online photos and email accounts. Whilst much of your online presence will have sentimental value, including emotional and/or historical value, there may also be financial value such as Crypto currencies or a money generating website.

It appears to be a lot of work and/or quite complicated to complete the uploading of my documents. It is worth doing only one or two libraries?

This type of planning can feel intimidating, so we have tried to make the whole process as easy as possible. When you first set-up your Legado account, you can set up professionals to assist you with your documentation upload. We recommend discussing this option with your Financial Adviser to further understand how they can assist with your document upload (of all libraries, not just your Financial Advisory documents). You will likely also choose to upload documents to Legado yourself. There are two options to uploading documents: the ‘Upload File’ button on your main dashboard and locating the individual folder you wish to upload your document to. Plus the ‘snap and shoot’ if you access through a mobile phone.You can even connect with businesses you interact with, automatically bringing key documents to your vault from these organisations.

Is Legado GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

Keeping your information and documents safe, secure and private is our highest priority at Legado. We have worked closely with industry experts and Data Protection Authorities to implement robust privacy protections that reflect their guidance. We are continuously working to stay compliant and are audited regularly by third parties to ensure industry-leading standards. Legado is committed to complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and to doing so in routine dialogue and collaboration with our partners.

Who has access to my Legado account?

No-one employed by Legado, or any third-party, has access to your data unless you specifically give them access. Some of the actions and events you perform, e.g. add a contact or complete a form are also available as high-level stats but not any of the content. You may receive your Legado account through a professional advisor, eg IFA, Solicitor or Accountant. They will talk to you about the benefits of the account and will send you an invite to join. This adviser introducing you will, if you allow them, have access to view and upload files to your account, and it is likely to be beneficial to you for them to continue to have that access. However, during your onboarding journey, and at any time after, you can change the level of access they have, through the normal mechanism for managing contact access.

What is Legado?

Legado is an interactive digital vault, designed to manage personal data. The platform is designed to make consumers’ lives easier, by having all personal data organised and readily available at key life events.  Legado partners with some of the world’s largest organisations.