What is After-Death Sharing?

You can now keep documents private until after you are gone. Simply select a document you wish to share after death, and the selected contact, and choose ‘Share after death’. The contact will be notified that you have a Legado account and will be able to apply for access to your documents once you have passed away. We will verify your death through sight of a death certificate or through being advised by a legal professional.

How Does After-Death Sharing Work?

You can assign a contact as an After-Death sharer. After you are gone anyone can inform Legado of your death, though typically this will be the contact that has been designated as an after-death sharer. We require robust information to validate your death, such as the sight of a death certificate or by being advised by a legal professional. Once validated we activate After-Death Sharing. This has the following results: We send a message to your email address stating the process has begun, giving 48 hours to come back in case there has been any error. After that time, the contact you have chosen to share documents after death will be able to access the documents previously hidden.

What is a Contact?

From files to photos, you can share everything you upload to Legado. What you decide to share is up to you, and you can change people’s access permissions at any time. A contact is someone in your inner circle of friends, family or trusted advisers whom you have enough trust in to provide full or partial access to your libraries and folders of information. Wishes need to be shared for others to act on them. Contacts can help you on your journey through life and importantly at the end of your life. Making them a contact allows them to be able to quickly and easily access your important documents, records and wishes so they can efficiently manage your affairs. You can choose to share individual files or entire libraries with your contacts and revoke or grant access at any time. If you were introduced through your Financial Adviser they will be your first contact and you will be able to choose what level of access they have to your documents when you first take control of your account. After this, you will have the opportunity to add additional contacts, such as other advisers like your Solicitor or family members, like your spouse.

I was invited to become someone’s contact. How do I accept this invitation?

To accept a Contact invitation and view another person’s Legado documents and information: Locate the email invitation in your inbox. The subject line will be “Invitation to view my life and legacy plan” Once you have read and understood the email content, Click or Tap ‘Accept Invitation’. You will be redirected to the Legado website to complete set-up of your Legado account. This will be a Nominee-only account and will give you the ability to view the person who has invited you as a Nominee’s documents and/or information. You will need to create a password for your account.Once the account is created, you will be able to see the persons documents and/or information. If you have been invited to view other people’s information, you will also be able to see these.