How do I sign-up for Legado?

Right now, we are only provided through our partners. If you would like access, please speak with your Professional Adviser (Financial Adviser, Accountant or Solicitor) and ask them to create an account for you.

If you are a Professional Adviser looking to use Legado for your clients, please contact us.

I signed up with my Adviser, but I haven’t received my introduction email?

You should receive your introduction email once your adviser has completed the initial set-up of your account. This will vary in time depending on your Financial Adviser. If you have not received your introduction email and believe you should have, please take the following steps: Check your email’s spam/junk folder

  • Confirm with your Financial Adviser that they have completed the set-up of your account. If you are still experiencing problems, please Contact Us.
  • Should I use two-factor authentication for my Legado account?

    It’s harder than ever to feel secure online. That’s why we have implemented the very latest in security technology. If you’re accessing your Legado account from this website, we’ve introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA protects your account against attackers trying to access your account, as any attacker would not only need your username and password, but also need a code that is specific to you (sent to a device which you have immediately to hand). We value the security of your data so two-factor authentication is not optional. This security supercharger can easily be summed up as a combination of “something you have and something you know”. You have the choice of using an authenticator app or authentication by SMS.

    I’ve changed my phone. How can I login again and set up two-factor authentication?

    In order to be able to login smoothly, as was the case before your new phone, you need to follow these steps: Log in with a recovery code that you may have printed or saved at registration. Each can only be used once. Click on the ‘Account’ wheel at the top right of the screen and choose ‘My Account’ Click on the ’Setup Authenticator App’ button Follow the steps on the screens which follow, they are the same as when you first set up the Authenticator app on your previous phone If you have lost your recovery codes you can contact us.