When will Legado be available in my country?

Legado has global ambitions but is currently focussed on helping people based in the United Kingdom.If you are interested in bringing Legado to your country, please let us know at hello@joinlegado.com or navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section on our homepage.

How do I report a technical issue or bug?

Occasionally, you may experience a problem with the website or service. If you notice an issue within your dashboard or on the Website, you have the ability to report the issue directly by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ link in the left-navigation section of the website. You could also email us about the issue. You can also report security risks, abuse risk bugs or technical issues. Reporting a problem notifies our technical teams to investigate the issue and work on resolving the issue as soon as possible.If you would like to email us to report an issue, please contact hello@joinlegado.com

Does Legado cost money? How much does a Legado account cost?

Legado is provided by businesses you interact with, and there are different feature plans from you to choose from. You might already be on a ‘Premium’ plan, which means you have access to all the features of Legado. If you’re on a free plan, you will have to upgrade to access all the features Legado has to offer. If you choose to upgrade from free, you can pay a monthly or annual fee. You can view what plan you’re on, the associated cost (if applicable) and the associated features (if applicable) in the ‘Settings’ area of your Legado vault.