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The UK’s leading data and communication platform.

Trusted with sensitive data by global leaders

It’s time for a better way

At Legado, we believe your customers are your most important asset. And customers want the very best experience with your business. In today’s world, that means having an amazing digital experience for customers.

Interact with customers using our communications tools, provide the very best value-add features and get to know your customers data like you never have before, enabling you to provide personalised services and experiences. 
All using Legado’s platform.

The Goals


Enhance Digital Interaction

Transform how businesses interact with customers digitally, providing a secure and intuitive platform that makes every online conversation more meaningful.

Drive Eco-Friendly Communication

Lead the charge in reducing environmental impact by making digital communication more efficient and sustainable, setting a new standard for the industry.

Foster Global Connectivity

Utilise cutting-edge technology to refine data management, provide deep insights that enable businesses to forge stronger, more informed connections with customers worldwide.

It’s never just business

It all comes down to the people

That’s why we’re proud of our award-winning team, where everyone can always get in touch with a real human. We value interactions, both in-person and digitally.

D&I isn’t just a checkbox

Diversity and inclusion lives in our DNA. With over 20 nationalities on our team and counting! We’re proud to be a diverse team.

Green and sustainable

Being good to people means being good to our planet. That’s we live and breath sustainability, inside and out of Legado.

We’re a fast growing team in Edinburgh

Home is a 10 minute walk from Waverly station, but we also have offices in London and people around the world.

We value our team.

We’re building something bigger than just a product. That’s we encourage regular team days building days, socials, volunteering and more.

You might have heard of us.

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