Secure Communications

Deliver confidential documents and communications to your customers at volume

With fully automated delivery and enterprise AES-256 encryption


  • Flexible integration
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multi-sided communication
  • Flexibly hosted
  • Notifications & Nudges
  • Revoke & Admin controls
  • ICO and ISO compliant
  • Zero friction at Scale
Flexible integration
Our fully API-enabled and modularised platform lets you integrate securely and easily with existing infrastructure.
End-to-end encryption
Market-leading zero-knowledge security model with end-to-end AES-256 encryption.
Multi-sided communication
Encourage engagement with your portal, with customers receiving and uploading documents seamlessly.
Flexibly hosted
Deploy our secure document encryption to your on-premise or cloud server. Protect valuable comms.
Notifications & Nudges
Prompt a customer every time they get an import notification, either using our proprietary notifications system or our full suite of Notification APIs to link into your existing architecture.
Revoke & Admin controls
Use Full Revoke for human error protection with admin controls.
ICO and ISO compliant
Record timestamped audit trails for document activity. ISO 27001 guidance says auditable comms are essential.
Zero friction at Scale
Deploy Legado alongside your CRM, antivirus, server-side signature, data loss prevention(DLP) with full queueing and BI/MI reporting.

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Save carbon, Reduce costs

Digitise costly and inefficient print, pack, and post operations. Over 9.5 billion documents are sent in the UK each year, a majority of these by businesses. In financial services alone, digitising print and post communications could save £1.3 billion.

Exchange confidential communications and documents, easily and securely, with customers.

“Legado provides much-needed reassurance and increased efficiency in a market that is still far too dependent on physical documents and attachments.”

Adrian Durham, FNZ Group CEO

How Legado stacks up

Post, Paper &
Email (Internal)
Cost Expensive in postal feeds, time, environment impact and third party costs Lost-cost, highly affordable and scaleable Operational
inefficiencies & expensive data risk
High set-up & ongoing
maintenance cost, non-core,
(e.g. Consumer Duty,
Open/Read, GDPR)
GDPR risk, Consumer Duty risk, inability to personalise, automate or integrate not policy adaptable Fully GDPR, ISO, ICO compliant,
Encrypted, Future-proofed for Consumer Duty, Zero friction &
Policy Adaptable
Compliance not built in Can quickly become outdated if regular updates are not pushed and routine compliance not undertaken
Security Inability to prove customer has received documents, easily intercepted, details out-of-date Several layers of protection, including encryption and identity verification High risk of phishing and Cyber
attacks, no automation or
High risk of incorrect build and
implementation + usage and
adoption may be limited
None Lots of value-add features: End-of-Life planning, After-Death Sharing etc. Driving customer engagement, loyalty and helping with compliance None Expensive to build, Non-
Core, Distraction
Convenience Very inconvenient, to policyholders and beneficiaries Flexible and easy Fairly inconvenient Inconvenient to Corporate (Resource, Workstreams, 
Cost etc.)
Transparency Difficult to remember, easily lost or forgotten, more paper One channel, where info is shared instantly, you know exactly what’s happening Cluttered and fragmented information and files, easily missed Could be various channels of communication
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