Use Legado’s platform and SDKs to accelerate your growth and extend your app.

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Enhance your experience

Accelerate your propositional enhancements, revenue streams and power up your app with configurable client-centric workflows, powerful collaboration, end-to-end management control and more.


Leverage Legado’s prebuilt communication solutions, to quickly and easily integrate an ability for your users to receive (and exchange) important documents and information. All with unprecedented security and compliance.

Configurable Workflows

Configure workflows to automate your business processes. Help your customers digitally transform their business and drive engagement to your digital application.


Take your data, brand, product and service, and bring it to life with the power of Wonderbill. Enable your customers to see, manage and improve their entire household world, by aggregating all their household bills – all in one place.

Flexible Integration

You choose how to leverage Legado’s capabilities, with API-enabled architecture, flexible front-end technology and intuitive authentication mechanisms, you get the very best out of our platform, with a perfect fit for your business.