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Increase digital engagement through value-add

Provide value-add digital tools to help enhance digital engagement, attract new customers, improve retention and deliver additional value. With Legado’s suite of pre-built feature-sets, you choose the services most applicable to your business:  

Digital Vault

Use a range of pre-built features to provide your customers with their own personal digital vault, helping them organise all the important details, documents and information in their lives. 

With personalised reminders and alerts about important dates, smart guidance to help organisation and secure share to ensure the right people, at the right times, have access to the information they need.


Help your customers see all their household bills in one place, automatically, with thousands of connections to UK household providers across Energy (Water, Gas & Electric), TV & Entertainment, Motor, Health, Financial Services and more.

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End-of-Life planning

Give your customers the power to organise all their documents, wishes and plans as they prepare for the end-of-life, with different permissions for sharing (including after-death sharing) to make sure the most important people in your customers lives have access to the information they need.

Life & household admin

Make household admin easy for your clients, with the ability to automatically centralise all household bills, revieved personalised insights and notifications on changes, renewals, expiries and key dates and share documents and information securely when requested.

Manage your client processes

Today’s client engagement processes are stuck in the chaos of fragmented channels — requiring significant manual intervention. Automate routine tasks and streamline your client interactions to enhance engagement.

Optimise your existing interactions

A turnkey solution, with dozens of pre-built features and modern technology which can be flexibly deployed – understand how Legado can complement your existing digital processes

How do I deploy this?

Legado’s platform can be flexibly deployed. We understand there is no one size fits all. With our collaborative commercial approach, we partner with you to design and implement the perfect solution for you and your customers.