Unlock the value of your content.

Legado’s intelligent systems use machine learning to turn fragmented and inaccessible customer documents into powerful customer insights, accessed via user-friendly APIs or our modularised platform.


Why Intelligence?

The Intelligence service provides clients with a uniquely flexible, powerful and reliable toolset ready to power the next generation of personalised services and communications.

What our intelligence layer does for you

Data Insights

Enriched data with key customer details including dates, names, contact details, carbon footprint.

Customer Insight

Aggregated behavioural analysis, trends and inferred user characteristics.

Nudges & Notifications

Business and customer-controlled notifications; Send relevant and timely nudges; promoting opportunities, product discovery and engagement.

Communication & Planning

Personalised insights and triggers to provide on-brand, relevant messages and comms, directly to your customers at just the right time, helping them become more organised and better prepared.

Want to see how it all works?

Deliver a more engaging and personalised user experience.

Our insights engine generates interesting insights, trends and habits from a user’s data using analytics and machine-learning tools, this can be aggregated, anonymised and/or individualised to provide more personalised recommendations and better customer view.

  • Hyper-Personalisation
  • Drive Relevant Engagement
  • Sharing
  • Find Product Opportunities
  • Expiry and Renewal
  • Prompt Action
  • Data Explorer
  • Provider Analysis
By using intelligent data to create personal touchpoints at every stage of the user journey across sales, marketing and customer service.
Drive Relevant Engagement
With the help of our analytics suite, understand with absolute clarity what is driving your customer engagement.
Understand who your customers are inviting to share content with, and get valuable opportunities to present your products and services to a wider audience.
Find Product Opportunities
Understand who your customers are inviting to share information with, and get valuable opportunities to present your products and services to a wider audience.
Expiry and Renewal
Get a clear understanding of your customers key upcoming dates and timelines, ensuring you have the best opportunity to position your products and services.
Prompt Action
Personal administration can be difficult, with areas often overlooked. Our insights will give you an opportunity to plug these gaps.
Data Explorer
Explore trends across the aggregated and anonymised data lake.
Provider Analysis
Provide a clear understanding of your customer's different providers. Quickly understand patterns or variations in verticals, organisations, frequency and more.

Legado provides a suite of APIs and developer tools: