Consumer Duty

Meeting and evidencing the consumer duty outcomes.
Made simple.

The platform that makes it easy to identify, monitor, evidence, and stand behind the outcomes of your customer experience.


Reporting dashboard to make all the appropriate feedback, data and evidencing easy to access.
Evidence compliance and excellence across the 4 outcomes.
Link compliance and data across all books of business with our connector functionality.
Integrate into existing experiences - yes, even for large, complex institutions’ systems. That’s our speciality.

Want to see how it all works?

Consumer Duty Comms

Ensure that your products are meeting the needs of your customers using Legado.

Review how customers perceive the value of products, and build experiences, interactions and personalisation 
that add real value.

Give the right information to the right customers, at the right time, whilst ensuring the information is understood.

Make it easy for customers to access the support they need, and build better data around where help is needed.

Assessing customer characteristics, behaviours and needs

We can defragment unstructured data from customer documentation, providing data on the characteristics of your customers’ behaviour and needs, and how they are changing.

Ensure products are marketed to the right customers

Not all customers should be marketed every product. Legado’s communications module gives you the controls to ensure that marketing communications are suitably segmented.

Better feedback and data from customers

Every interaction can be accompanied with intuitive feedback tools. Ensuring that, on a continuous basis, you’re able to assess how well your products are meeting the needs of customers.

Household financial health insights

Access consented data over your customers’ financial health from their cross-sector spending to evidence how distribution agreements have impacted customers’ financial well-being.

Allow customers to easily, and continuously assess the value of products

Intuitive feedback tools in every interaction for your customers to assess the value of your products, allowing you, on a continuous basis, to review where products are, or are not, creating value.

Add value with enhanced ongoing support and higher quality interactions

Supplement the value of your proposition with our secure, highly personalised and engaging digital experience.

Segment customer groups for communications

Our audience control functionality means that when sending communications, the right customers, with the right characteristics – products, vulnerabilities, etc – receive the right information.

Tailored, personalised, relevant interactions

Digital, secured, bulk communications that can be personalised and made relevant for each customer, across different products, vulnerabilities, demographics, you name it.

Continuous feedback on understanding of information

Customers can easily assess and feedback on each and every communication whether or not the information was understandable.

Assess the effectiveness of communications

Full analytics dashboard showing the effectiveness and engagement of communications across your products and customer groups (open rates, understandability of information, etc).

Make the key information easy to access

Our intelligence layer can extract the key information from communications and make that information clearer for the customer.

The right information, for the right decisions, continuously

Equip customers with all the information they need, continuously, with clear communications appropriate and tailored for customer characteristics.

Feedback in every interaction

Collect rich feedback and data across all product groups, in each interaction to evidence that you are actively listening to customers so that extra support can be added.