Wonderbill API

These endpoints handle the connections to, and subsequent retrieval of data from, third parties Legado has connections too.

Legado manages all of the connections to each of the individual providers and enables access to all of the providers via a single set of API endpoints.

There are currently over 178+ third party connections available covering:



(Water, Gas, Electricity)


(Internet, TV, Streaming & Gaming)

Financial Services

(Banking, Insurance)

Motoring and more!

Legado currently supports several methods of connecting to a third-party provider, this includes:


Direct Connections

Open APIs, Closed APIs, Bespoke Integration, Contract Enquiries, Bulk Upload

Closed Connections

Screen Scraping, Manual Integration and SAR Integration

Legado supports the ability to disable certain connections. All connections to third-party are consent-driven (ie. At the request of the End-User). End-Users can be prompted to connect to third-parties or can choose to connect individually.

Creating Connection and Authorisation (Consent-Driven)

Authenticating and securely connecting to a customer’s chosen account(s) can happen in two ways:

Customers are prompted to connect to their chosen provider, allowing Legado to pull data from their account (see below: types of data for additional detail).
Customer chooses to connect to one of their third-party providers directly, through their own volition

You may choose to use Legado’s pre-built UI, which can be integrated into any mobile or web experience, for a slick third-party connection experience or to speed up your technical build and integration.

You can also use the connectivity API directly in order add connectivity to bill providers to your own application.


Managing User Connections

Manage existing customer connections to providers.
Download a customer’s latest connection information. Refresh the accounts from a single provider with an existing connection. If the customer’s consent has expired for this provider, Legado will be unable to refresh the account. This will be confirmed in the response of the refresh status endpoint.


Types of Data

The types of data returned for an account will vary depending on the provider, here is a selection of common parameters:

  • Account Number
  • Address and Postcode
  • Billing Day
  • Contract End Date
  • Billing Frequency
  • Payment Type
  • Account State
  • Tariff Name

Then for each individual bill issued to the account, we will provide the bill as a PDF, as well as the following data:

  • Bill Amount
  • Balance
  • Bill Date
  • Due Date

Managing User Data

List Accounts

List a customer’s connected third-party accounts, along with all associated company names and industries. A parameter can be used in order to get the details for a specific account.

List Schema

Ability to show what data can be returned from a customers connected third-party accounts.