Data Security at Legado

Legado has been purpose-built from day one to be highly secure, using the best security practices, software development methodologies and operational practices. This matters. Many of the high-profile breaches at other companies over the past few years have occurred within large, old organizations that have been in the unenviable (and frankly impossible) position of trying to retro-fit, cobble together and secure multiple legacy systems that are ill-equipped to handle modern technology security needs. We’ve custom-built a hyper-secure digital vault.

What is Legado?

Legado is a personal digital vault for your most important life documents and information, with collaboration tools to ensure your loved ones and trusted advisers have everything they need in the event something should happen to you.

How We Protect Your Data

Every document uploaded to Legado is encrypted in secure UK based servers maintained by Microsoft Azure, Micrsoft is an industry leader, being the first to achieve compliance with the ISO27018 cloud privacy standard and having 53 major certificates and attestations: more than any other major public cloud provider.

Staying the Best

We work continuously to keep our security as secure as it possibly can be. We’ve worked closely with industry experts and data protection authorities to implement robust privacy protection. Regular third-party audits ensure we retain industry leading standards of security.

Protecting Your Account

We use two-factor authentication. That means even if someone discovers your password, they won’t be able to access you Legado account. When you log in, we’ll ask for both your password, and a unique code from an app on your mobile phone.

Your data being encrypted means no one can read the raw data or files held on the servers. Only authenticated users are able to decrypt their own data or that which has been shared with a nominee. Your security and privacy are our highest priority.

Our team at Legado, our developers and engineers and anyone we work with has no access to your sensitive personal information. Our teams at Legado are dedicated to keeping your information secure, so Sign Up Free today and create your Legado account.

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