Why were we needed?

Legado was approached by the Client to modernise the way they interact with customers. The Client was steeped in high cost and complexity in their process for communicating documentation with customers.

Customer communications were fragmented across disparate channels; some documents sent via their customer platform, and significant amounts of “off-platform” documents that were being delivered by paper. This resulted in significant costs, both in direct costs of paper communications, but also in the administrative and operational effort involved in managing the distribution of these communications. We were needed to pull all of these communications into a single channel that could be easily managed internally and accessed externally by customers.

Regulatory pressures of consumer duty were compounding the Client’s problems, as they needed to evidence that customers were engaging with, and understanding the information that the Client provided them. The Client had no visibility of engagement with their communications, and no practical ability to evidence.

The Client needed a solution that gave them this functionality but needed to seamlessly embed the capability within their existing customer platform without disruption.

What did we do?

The Client used our Digital Vault, Interactive Hub and APIs to provide a single channel for all communications to be distributed to customers.

Using the Interactive Hub and APIs, the Client was able to send documents previously communicated via post, digitally. The APIs provided an automated mechanism for documents to be sent customers whilst we also provided a manual mechanism (via the Interactive Hub) for staff to upload and send documents. Our Mail merge feature ensured all documents were personalised for customers. Both manual and automated communications could be managed on a 1-1 or Bulk basis, with absolute control over which customer types receive which information using audience control and scheduling to specify the date and time.

We also enabled their team to revoke, or upload new versions of distributed communications. A full analytics suite for the Client, providing insight at an aggregate, campaign or individual customer level of how customers were interacting with the communications they were receiving (including read receipts). Providing them with leading capability for consumer duty reporting focused on communications and customer understanding.

The Digital Vault was fully white labelled and was embedded as part of the customers’ existing digital experience (using single sign-on). All communications which were sent to the Digital Vault were end-to-end encrypted. The Digital Vault upgraded existing document library functionality, with a mobile-responsible design, a PDF-viewer, thumbnails and previews, search and upload and more.

What was the impact

  • 90% reduction in communication costs
  • Elevated customer experience, where all the information they need is available at their fingertips
  • Enhanced security and encryption for communications
  • Optimised engagement of customers using dynamic notifications
  • Significant reduction in administration effort for managing communications
  • All communication distributions, managed within one central, purpose built platform for admin staff
  • Seamlessly embedded within the Client’s existing customer platforms, with no disruption to the experience
  • Absolute control over which customers receive which information
  • Elimination of paper for customer communications
  • Elimination of fragmented communications channels & operational complexity
  • Market leading consumer duty evidencing for consumer understanding