Why were we needed?

The Client approached Legado with a needed for a highly personalised digital experience for their advisers to exchange key documentation with their customers, and enable those customers to manage not just their financial planning, but their full life planning within the experience.

The Client wanted the peace of mind of industry leading security, and the flexibility to take on just the functionality they needed, to create the experience they wanted for their customers. Within the digital experience, the Client wanted their customers to be directed intuitively through all the steps of their key life planning, as well as the ability to share their life planning with their loved ones within the platform.

What did we do?

The Client partnered with Legado to build the ultimate family financial planning platform using our Digital Vault. In the fully white-labelled platform, customers are able to manage both their key life planning and financial planning within appropriately defined sections. The customer is guided through their family life planning with suggested documents within each section to be uploaded, and a scoring system to gamify the experience of optimising life planning.

Our sharing capability allows the customer to extend their planning to their loved ones and key advisers, creating a collaborative planning experience that optimises workflows for all advisors and leaves no stone left unturned. The Client has also leveraged our notifications framework to keep customers to continuously engaged throughout their planning experience, and ensure they’re always connected to the information they need.

What was the impact

  • 3x increase in customer engagement
  • Significant increase in customer growth due to the compelling planning proposition
  • 400% increase in engagement with customers’ closest family
  • 90%(?) reduction in communication costs
  • Eliminated paper communications