Why were we needed?

The Client approached Legado as their global investment platform had limited capability for enabling their corporate Clients to communicate documents and data with end users. This lacking capability left their corporate Clients suffering from high communication costs from off-platform paper comms, operational complexity, and limited customer engagement.

The Client needed a platform that provided the wide set of required functionality for enabling and managing customer interactions, but needed the platform to be modular and extensible for individual corporate Clients needs, as well as being fully embeddable within their digital platform experience.

The Client also wanted the confidence of using a platform that had industry leading security and enabled them to maintain propositional control.

What did we do?

We partnered with the Client to extend the capability of their investment platform by embedding our Digital Vault and Interactive Hub capability. The fully modular platform allows the Client to flexibly adapt and deploy the required features to fit their corporate Client’s needs, and our extensibility allows new functionality to be introduced quickly and easily for requirements beyond out the box.

Our Digital Vault has enabled end-users to receive and manage customer communications within the investment platform, as well as manage their own key life documentation, and to share to contacts like family members & professional advisors who may benefit from permissioned access to the users’ investment data. Our notifications framework has been utilised so that end-customers are intuitively made aware of new data and communications for their viewing, delivered via their most frequented channels.

We’ve used our Interactive Hub capability to enable corporate admins, and financial advisers, on the investment platform to send communications across their entire customer base (or book of business). Those communications can all be managed from the Interactive Hub, allowing for mail merge personalisation, revoking, versioning, and consumer duty analytics. We also deployed an intelligent connector API that allows the corporate Client to link all of their fragmented communication types via a single channel. Both the Interactive Hub and Digital Vault functionality deployed are fully embedded within the platform and can be dynamically themed and flexed to suit every individual corporate Client, without rework.

What was the impact

  • 90%(?) reduction in communication costs
  • 3x increase in end-customer engagement
  • 5x increase in end-customer satisfaction due to added utility within the platform
  • Absolute propositional control for the Client, using our modular and toggleable capability
  • Seamlessly embedded into the Client’s investment platform
  • Enabled corporate customers to manage digital communications within the platform
  • Market leading consumer duty evidencing for consumer understanding built-in