The UK’s only household bill automation platform.

Help your customers see all their household bills in one place, keep track of their spending and easily switch to make savings.

A single connection to all major sectors including Energy, Motoring, TV, Broadband, Landline, Insurance, Mobile, Transport, Water, Financial Services and Council Tax.

Supercharge engagement with
personalised household nudges








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Want to see how it all works?

Secure and compliant connection API

Legado proprietary connections + Partner data + Customer Uploads = Single customer document view


Account Coverage

Legado covers 90% of major accounts in the UK (across Utilities, Banking, Pensions and Investments)

From Documents to Data

Machine-learning capabilities to turn documents into powerful data

Connection Methods

We always ensure the consumer is clearly consenting to access their data. Some connection methods allow more granular consent than others, but where possible, we use a consent-driven API model, for example Open Banking. We favour direct connection; it gives consumers the most control over access to their data and execution of services.

Direct connections - preferred options for accessing consumer data:

Indirect connections - for those situations where direct connections are unavailable:

Open APIs

For example, Open Banking.

These are available to any authorised third party.

Closed APIs

A private commercial agreement

between the service provider and Legado.

Bespoke integration

Particularly prevalent in the Pensions industry often using Single Sign On, File Transfer or other dedicated secure connection.

Contract enquiries

Typically used for investments made on a end-user’s behalf, such as by a financial advisor.

Bulk upload

Typically used for Enterprise Partners who wish to pre-load a service with data held about users.

Screen Scraping

A consent-driven process of collecting screen display data from one application and translating it so that another application can display it.


In the very few instances where we cannot obtain data using another process above. For example, in the instance that a customer owns a yacht, the value of this can be manually added and key drivers set, such as depreciation.

SAR Integration

Thanks to GDPR, any individual can request data held about them in a machine-readable format, which can then be periodically uploaded to Legado with the movement towards APIs, we don’t expect this to be used often.