Why were we needed?

Legado was approached by the Client to create an end-to-end digital experience, for customers, across their probate and estate planning divisions. The Client was steeped in manual, paper-based processes, with no customer-facing digital experience, resulting in several inefficiencies; lack of customer engagement, high case complexity, fragmented communication channels, high service-related costs (telephony and mailroom), challenges to responsiveness and highly transactional sales with no opportunity for repeat business. Existing case-management software didn’t provide an opportunity to provide an integrated, bespoke customer experience. 

What did we do?

By taking advantage of the modularity and flexibility of our digital vault, we were able to create an industry-leading digital end-to-end probate experience for customers, seamlessly integrated with an existing case management system. The experience allows customers, typically executors, in this case, to easily keep track of their case, collaborate with other beneficiaries, and be intuitively guided through all their required actions from start to finish of the probate case. Within the experience, the executor can easily upload all required documentation, digitally complete & sign forms, and be continuously notified of updates & and required actions for their case (via personalised emails and SMS).

For case management staff, the interactive hub, working seamlessly with existing case management software, provides a full toolkit to make it as simple, efficient, and intuitive as possible to manage the probate process. The platform allows staff to easily request documentation, upload forms for completion, invite new customers, and easily manage the actions of executors. The Client also received a full analytics suite to gain better insight into their probate process and capture efficiencies. All documentation uploaded by executors is automatically pulled through to the Client’s case management system, allowing them to eliminate any disruption to their team’s workflow.

What was the impact

  • Market leading probate proposition to drive growth
  • A simplified digital pathway for capturing transactional probate Clients as long term, high value estate planning Clients
  • Significantly improved engagement of customers
  • 50% reduction turnaround time on executor actions and document retrieval for case progression
  • Seamless integration into the Client’s case management system
  • A simplified experience for case managers to manage customers/executors through the probate process
  • A robust analytics suite that allows the Client to identify key areas for development in their probate practice