Why were we needed?

Legado was approached by the Client to enhance their digital experience for customers, with requirements to improve customer acquisition, retention of existing customers, improve the level of engagement and the perceived level of value for the service customers were paying for, whilst also gaining additional customer insight on which the Client could make decisions.

Ultimately, the value-add service the Client was seeking would provide customers with a more useful, more personalised, and better experience over the longer-term, driving repeat engagement.

What did we do?

The Client partnered with Legado to deploy our Wonderbill functionality via the Digital Vault. The Digital Vault was fully white labelled and embedded as part of the Clients existing digital experience, configured to fit the exact customer journey that we collaboratively envisioned, seamlessly incorporating Wonderbill functionality into the Client’s core digital proposition, extending the utility of our best-in-class bill automation platform.

Customers used open banking (provided by the Client) to identity their household providers, and then used Wonderbill to automatically connect the bills (and other household provider account data) from those providers, into relevant categories within their personalised Digital Vault. Customers can view all their bills within the Client’s experience, which is updated with new bills as they are released by their household providers.

We used our notification framework to support driving engagement of customers, who can be notified when new bills are made available, or there are any changes to specific household accounts (like a tariff or promotional period ending). Using intelligence, customers were prompted to set reminders on key dates (like expiry dates) and were notified when aspects of their bills change, such as renewals – continuously bringing customers back to the Client’s digital experience, as well creating further commercial opportunities such as switching.

What was the impact

  • 3x increase in customer engagement
  • Seamlessly embedded bill automation experience for customers within the Client’s digital experience
  • Continuous bill insights for customers; keeping them aware of how their household bills are changing
  • Significant increase in customer growth
  • 5x increase in customer satisfaction due to increased utility of the Client’s digital experience