Melanie joins us straight out of Codeclan, having successfully completed the professional software development course. Melanie’s training at Codeclan gave her knowledge of using Javascript and React, as well as Java and Python. Melanie holds an Information Technology (Business) MSc degree from Heriott-Watt University and a BSc in Geology from the University of Edinburgh. Melanie is joining us as a Junior Software Engineer. We asked her to tell you a bit about herself:

What excites you about working for Legado? 

I’m excited to be working on the brilliant products at Legado, which give me scope for learning and further development.  I’m also happy to be working with a fantastic team of people.

 What will be the biggest challenges? 

 This is my first software role so it will be exciting to learn new tools and technologies. I mainly worked in administrative work before as business assistant for another startup but I wanted to get deeper into software development. The coding for data analytics is quite limited and not as extensive or in-depth as for software development, so I wanted to move more towards what you can produce through software coding.

What will you be working on? 

I will be working on the back-end development of the product. Potentially joining the Wonderbill team, which is very exciting.

What do you do to relax? 

I enjoy going on nature walks and visiting historic places. There’s so many historical places in the centre of Edinburgh to visit, like Edinburgh castle, which is amazing and St Giles cathedral. Plus (not exactly historical) but the Botanic Gardens are great to wander around.

What is something that you are particularly good at? 

I can make amazing cupcakes!

Tell as an interesting fact about yourself. 

I have an interest in collecting rocks and minerals, especially quartzes and fluorites. I’ve been doing it quite a long time, I started collecting when I was quite young and that’s sort of what lead to me doing a geology degree.

How has your first week been? Has anything been unexpected?

My first week was quite busy but good. First couple of days were quite tough but after that hurdle I started picking things up a lot quicker and easier. I was surprised how much more confident I was already feeling by the end of the week.

If you could, what is the snack or drink you would always keep stocked in the office?

Some kind of chocolate. At the moment I’ve been loving Ferrero Rocher so probably some of those. The hazelnuts must be giving me the energy to code!

Welcome to the team, Melanie!