Sara Emanuelsson recently joined our team here at Legado as a Software Engineer, so we asked her to tell us a little bit about herself:

What excites you about working for Legado?

The team’s been absolutely fantastic in my first few weeks so I’m very happy to have joined this bunch of talented and passionate people. I also love being able to go into the office after being stuck working from home for so long. Meeting people in real life makes such a difference! I have worked for a couple of start-ups in the past so I feel right at home in this fast-paced and exciting environment.

I used to work in operations/HR before making a career change into software development so this is my second job as a developer and, hence, the first time I’m coming into it with (hopefully) an idea of what I’m doing. I’m excited to put what I’ve learnt so far into practise here at Legado, and, obviously, to continue to learn!

What will be the biggest challenges?

Getting back into being a full stack developer! My previous role was front-end only, so I haven’t touched any back-end code in a long time. On top of that, the tech stack for the back-end is not something I’ve used in the past. But it’ll be a fun challenge and, as mentioned, the culture is great so I’m sure my colleagues will be more than happy to show me how it’s done!

What will you be working on?

Initially, I’ll be focusing on the front-end — that’s where my current strengths are. I’m used to bringing designs to life on the screen, making sure the UI is both responsive and accessible. But down the line I’m hoping to start my .NET learning journey!

What do you do to relax?

I’m quite crafty so anything involving paint, yarn, fabric, tools etc. will keep me busy for hours! We also have a large collection of board games that we bust out when we have people over.

What is something that you are particularly good at (that people may not know)?

It might not come as a surprise given my answer to the previous question but I’m good at DIY stuff. We bought a flat last year so there’s plenty of work to do; so far, there’s been a lot of painting, sanding floors, upcycling furniture and making things such as lamps or art work. The next big project is to build a bed!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I grew up on the Swedish countryside, with horses. Up until uni most of my life revolved around horses and you’d always find me in the stable or roaming around in the woods with my horse, Fancy.

Welcome to the team, Sara!