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Client-Facing Digital Transformation

Not all of us truly enjoy change, technological or other. Weary members of the will writing community and private client legal world who have been around for a while might say that having adjusted to the fax machine, e mail, the Blackberry and more recently the smartphone they now deserve a break. But full scale […]

The financial and reputational risk of cyber-attacks on Private Client law firms

More than 90% of all cyber attacks begin with phishing (CISA, 2024). Phishing is a deceptive practice where cyber criminals pretend to be trustworthy entities to trick individuals, primarily clients, into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, often through misleading emails or messages. Your clients might receive an email seemingly from […]

The ongoing engagement problem; how tech drive more valuable, prolonged client relationships

Let’s start with a question. How many clients come to your firm for a will, and once completed, they disappear forever. Taking all their potential future value with them. We’re guessing it’s a lot. Our research indicates that near 70% clients never return to their solicitor for further services after an initial engagement. This presents […]

Private Client Law: The lurking infosec threat…  

First impressions The flow of info between private client solicitor and client contains some of the most sensitive client data imaginable – detail on the client’s financial position , assets and liabilities. The means by which that sort of data is collected by the solicitor varies: anecdotally, from our own discussions in the sector, the […]

Disrupting Tradition: How Digital Demands Are Reshaping Private Client Practices  

In an era where the ‘old man in a suit’ epitomises the pinnacle of trust and expertise for many, a seismic shift is underway, challenging the very foundations of traditional private client practices.   Ben Stanway, co-founder of the widely utilised savings and investing app Moneybox, captures this zeitgeist: “One way to give confidence is via […]

Enhancing Legal Practices: The Impact of Digital Platforms on Wills and Probate Services

Whilst much of the legal sector has innovated, private client services have continued to be… old fashioned. And much of that old-fashioned nature is what makes those services so special – the human element. But personalised, relationship-centric private client services and technology are not mutually exclusive. Technology, harnessed right way, enhances that human element – […]