Edinburgh – April 5th, 2022 – Today, Legado announced the relaunch of its company website, joinlegado.com. The new and reimagined website seeks to align with its ever-evolving product range and feature set. 

“We created joinlegado.com in 2018 as a window into the offerings of Legado’s products and various use-cases for B2C and B2B clients. Our original website was a staple for building communication pathways between users of our product and interested visitors to our site through to both our developer and management teams. It was also a platform to share announcements and developments from Legado’s corporate office as a growing company with a growing mission,” said Josif Grace, CEO & Founder of Legado.  

He added: “The reimagined website performs the same key functions while also serving as the new, corporate face of our company and product offerings, in alignment with their specific branding and graphic imagery. That’s why we’re excited to share today a modern, up-to-date look and feel for the Legado corporate site, as well as improved navigability and personalisation. The new site will enable visitors to find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily. Visitors will also now find a simplified navigation, smarter content integration, and a UI designed to make content discovery easier.” 

 “We saw an opportunity to bring simplicity and consistency across the whole site – from implementing consistent product content pages to shortening our conversion paths,” said Colin McKay, Chief Commercial Officer at Legado. “We felt the best way to achieve these goals and improve the user experience was through a full redesign. As such, we wanted the new look and feel to make it even easier for Legado users to find the content that will help them engage with our products efficiently. We hope you enjoy joinlegado.com from this new perspective now that it’s LIVE – we’ve been eagerly awaiting to share it with you.” 

To see the new and improved site, visit joinlegado.com. 

About Legado 

Founded in 2018, Legado is a market-leading personal data storage and life planning technology company. Legado has developed a life planning and digital vault platform – focused on eliminating fragmentation of personal data and files across enterprises (utilities, banking, insurance, pensions, etc.), improving ownership of data by consumers, and streamlining corporate processes (e.g. account opening, change of address, change of provider, bereavement, divorce, marriage, etc). Since 2019, Legado has had strategic partnerships with M&G and FNZ, both early investors in the company’s fundraising.