Lukasz recently joined us for our first ever summer internship through the Saltire Scholar Programme. Lukasz has joined the engineering team, working on the front-end closely with Sara. He is currently studying Computing Science at Heriot-Watt University. We asked him to tell you a bit about himself:

What excites you about working for Legado?
  • It is exciting to be a part of a company with a great mission and ambition, at its early stages. Legado makes it easy for me to explore many areas of the business and get involved in all software development stages. I have been really looking forward to working on a tangible product, this has been my goal since I started my journey in software development, about 3 years ago.
What will be the biggest challenges?
  • My biggest challenge is the size of the system that I will be working on. So far, I have only worked on personal/ university projects and completed various courses, but I have never had the chance to work on a project like this one. It is as if up until now, I have been training to climb Mount Everest by hiking in the Pentland Hills.
What will you be working on?
  • I will be working on the Front-End part of the application using JavaScript (including React), TypeScript, CSS and HTML. I will also hopefully get involved with the development of the backend, testing and potentially other areas of the business.
What do you do to relax?
  • I code, obviously! The best way to relax is to not stress. I keep in mind that stress and worrying don’t solve anything, only action does. To stay relaxed I meditate, practice the Wim Hoff method, read, exercise, listen to good music and recently I have been mastering Woody Battle.
What is something that you are particularly good at (that people may not know)?
  • I am good at staying committed to my goals; this is despite all types of challenges that may come up along the way. I always remember these words “it is not that successful people are always motivated to do the work; they are successful because they do the work even on the days they cannot be bothered”.
Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
  • My Uber/ Bolt customers often ask me if I study psychology or philosophy. You can only imagine the depth of conversations we are having!
Welcome to the team, Lukasz!