August 2020 Release

Following extensive user testing with our partners and clients we planned significant changes to our web app over the Summer.  The second of these have gone into our August release, providing these new features:

  • Direct Customer Proposition
  • Choice of Authentication Mechanism
  • Recent Changes
  • Tours on the Dashboard

Direct Customer Proposition

We are delighted to launch our Direct proposition, giving individuals the ability to sign up without having to come through a professional advisor or business.  We hope this will help the focus on a customer-centric app that you can share with anyone, individuals or organisations.

In response to the current situation we are making this free initially and will be promoting widely.

Choice of Authentication Mechanism

Based on user testing we have identified the need to extend 2FA mechanisms outside of just an App.  We have introduced the ability to choose SMS as the authentication mechanism.  Alongside this we have made significant changes to the onboarding journey to make it as smooth as possible.  We think it is looking good!

Recent Changes

We have improved visibility of changes to your vault.  All changes, creation and deletion of information will be tracked and accessible from a new “Recent Changes” section.  You will also be informed by notification if a nominee has changed or added information to your vault and be able to access immediately the new information.


To enhance usability we have added tours.  A Client will be able to access these from the relevant pages in the site by a new flag icon.  The dashboard tour will also launch first time you access sections after new features are added.

We hope you find all these features to be of use.  Feel free to contact us to feedback on any of these changes.

What’s Next

We will be taking the next two months to concentrate on some exciting new capability.  Watch this space!