27 April 2023

With the acquisition of Wonderbill, we thought it would be interesting to hear from Anja Beisel, the Lead developer on the team involved with integrating the Wonderbill software into the Legado platform. As this exciting addition to the Legado product grows and expands, learn more from Anja below:

Tell us about your role: 

I am the Lead Developer for Wonderbill. It’s a small team and a big tech stack. We got it as it was wrapped up in November 2021, turned it around and set it up anew, small and fast. I did and do architecture, infrastructure planning, coding of the heavy bits and team work.

What is Wonderbill? 

A program that reads your bills for you. You login and it finds the data you are looking for wherever it may be hidden on your providers’ pages. It cleans it up and structures it, so that it can be represented, beatified and made accessible for you in Legado. Wonderbill keeps your data safe, provides you with regular updates, sees trends and helps you keep track of what you pay and when.

Why is this useful to businesses and consumers? 

There is no easier and more flexible way to keep your invoice data orderly and presentable with no extra work for you. We read your invoices, get the data which interests you, find the documents which you need for bookkeeping, we collect it all. You have never before seen your invoices so pretty, comprehensive and easy to find. You don’ have to plan and organise because Wonderbill is constantly at work for you.

What excites you most about Wonderbill? 

Wonderbill is lean, powerful and effective. It saves you so much time by looking under the surface for you. It explains our daily expenditures in a structured manner, and best of all, it doesn’t compromise any of your privacy. The only one who sees your invoices is you, and the people you choose to share them with. Apart from that your data is as safe as if locked in Fort Knox, but available for you to access anywhere and at all times.

How does the addition of Wonderbill build on existing Legado features?

Wonderbill makes it smoother to upload and organise your documents. It’s a clever supplement to the Legado platform which provides lots of rewards, so you can sit back and watch it work.

Is there anything new coming up in the Wonderbill/Legado space?

We’re looking to incorporate more than invoice data and historic data to take it a step further. We’re always looking at ordering and presenting data better.